Saturday, July 27, 2013

Some Bible Bling

I like to make thing beautiful, as I'm sure many of you do, and my Bible goes without exception. I want to make it a home for me to go to, to learn, be challenged, seek comfort, and find grace. I originally got my little pocket black NLT Bible because I liked the simplicity of it. There aren't any commentaries, except the small foot notes for alternate translations, or any other frills.

I soon made a small band, that all my Bibles have, to go around the outside to hold in all my bookmarks, or flyaway notes. My original band has sense been replaced from over use and much stuffing, but the original message remain the same, "Start Fresh," my reminder that I can always start anew with Jesus, no shame needed when I come before Him.

After awhile I got tired of just stuffing things in the back empty pages and decided to create a pocket in the back out of some velum, magazine paper, and a photo I had taken of our spring yard, and ta-da a nice neat place to keep my notes and things!

I also keep a page of notebook paper with a Brene Brown quote that I love and record scripture behind it that matches up with it. I attached it to some of the blank white pages in the back.

I also find the presented too portion in the front to be somewhat awkward when I bought it for my self so I redid the page with a photograph I took of my favorite flower.

Lastly I like to decorate with my bookmarks. I can never have enough book marks, in my Bible the one ribbon that is provided never seems to be enough. Each bookmark carries a little reminder of what I have learned and carries me forward. The dove is the model I used in my Freedom painting, for example.

I just wanted to sharewith you a little look into my world. Do you decorate your Bible or journal space? I would love to hear how you do.


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  1. I love bookmarks too! And I totally have stuff falling out of my Bible all the time. Love seeing your creations for your Bible! The dove with the strings is my favorite!