Monday, July 14, 2014

A Bought of Drought

I know it has been ages from my last post. It seemed this year drained me of all I had to share all the love and patience I could muster. It left little room for much else. My creative endeavors quickly feel by the wayside. Then when I was ready to come back fear crept in to only keep me away longer. 

In love teaching and would never want to give up or trade it for any other vocation. This is where I believe God truly wants me, but I must say there is a reason why teachers have the summers off! We would completely lose our sanity without the summer to recover. Here I am as July is coming to a close and I am finally starting to feel refreshed.

I recently visited my good friend, who is more sister than friend, in Albuquerque. We both went to separate colleges and now she is out at grad school in the southwest. We hadn't spent more than a day or two together in years and the week together was truly a gift! 

During my time their I felt the fear lift as we spent more and more time together in fellowship. It was amazing to just see Christ work in and through the two of us that week! He built us us more and more in encouragement and growth. Showing us how even at a distance He preordained us to do ministry together in a way that glorifies His Holy Name. 

I wanted to share with you some of the work I did while I was in Albuquerque.
Do you have a similar friendship? I would love to hear about it. 

Soon to come: More about Albequerque Adventures and learning, Creativeity in the Classroom