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Hello! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

I am an elementary muisc teacher about to start my first year teaching. I am passionate about instilling music into children's lives, and providing a place to exceed in school. Growing up music and art were the only places I excelled in school as I struggled with the gift of dyslexia, and I want to provide that safe place to other students.You won't find a lot about teaching specifically here on my blog though. I love teachingthough and sometimes it sneaks into my art too. For me this is a place where I can share my heart and my art. 

Art has become a safe haven for me to express and process my feelings, emotions, experiences, and ideas. I don't have a lot of traditional artistic training and believe that God has given me this talent to share and worship Him with others. I am an acrylic contemporary abstract painter for the most part. My most common subject for painting are birds. I paint birds because I believe they are symbols of freedom and joy. After living in the captivity of others expectations and judgement I have known the stifling cage of conformity and loneliness. Jesus has given me a new understanding of what true freedom is. In my works I try to convey the vibrancy of seeking Christ's freedom, and the beauty of His creation.

The purpose of this blog is to share my heart and struggles with others in a meaningful and impactful way that show my REAL life in love with Jesus. I want to share with others that living for Christ is a messy thing and maybe help others and myself know that we aren't alone in this. I titled my blog Carliann Reviewed because I see this as a place to take some time and review what life has placed before me. You can expect to find paintings, poetry, and questions here.

If you have any questions about my artwork or are interested in purchasing feel free to contact me at: carliann.conner@gmail.com

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