Friday, May 31, 2013

Violet-Backed Starling

Fierce Violet-Backed Starling © 2013
A friend and I are doing a painting swap. She wanted me to paint her this bird, while she does a quote painting for me that I chose. I titled it Fierce with the subtitle as the type of bird. My friend is drawn to fierce and bold things and I think she tries to live her life in a similar way, not always going with the norm but blazing her own path in life. I will share hers here once we swap!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A prayer on fear

Untitled © 2010

God you know my longing heart.
You hear my fear.
The numbing racing rumbling fear.
It takes my joy, it steals my peace.
It beckons unpleasant things.
It calls out to me with incessant desperation.
It starts with a whisper and ends with a scream.
That familiar scream, who's answer is an ending.
It questions every thought,
every move,
every choice,
with a painful critique.
But the irrational answer to its call.
In my silence I listen.
In my silence a no.
When in battle my Creator made me quiet.
In my silence my Creator has the power.
The storm,
the wind are His.
I am called to walk.
My hatred and pride I am told to drop.
Love and courage I am asked to take.
Here you are loved.
Here you are worthy.
Here you may be.
Remember the lessons of shame.
Remember the season's change won't damage.
the pain of a muscle growing.
The strength of your soul.
Hope to hold onto.
Here is My Spirit.