Sunday, October 20, 2013

Teaching Dignity

Many of my friends and blogging buddies pitched a word of the year back in January. Now I have finally come to the place where I think I have a word I need to focus on. Instead of a word for the year I think a word for the school year.... 

Dignity. It is defined in my old red Merriam Webster dictionary as:

the Quality or State of Being WORTHY, HONORED, or ESTEEMED.

As I get to know my students there is one thing I want most of all for them to know and learn this year, to treat others with dignity. I tell them to show each other kindness and respect because they are made in the image of God, this is a big deal I say, as I look back to blank faces, before leading them in a folk dance. The reason for treating others with dignity comes from their Creator.

As I take a step back I wonder how much I have to learn this before it can impact my students. Do I let this knowledge affect how I view the people around me? Do I let it affect how I see myself? Does it influence my speech, actions, thoughts, teaching, listening, and art? Does it influence those around me?

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