Saturday, October 6, 2012

Beauty of a Season

Fall 2012 ©
I went on a walk earlier this week and it was beautiful! This is a picture from my walk in the woods near my home. The weather was just a perfect seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit, with a light breeze blowing in the air.

Somehow I always forget how much I love fall and how beautiful it is. Off the top of my head if you asked me what my favorite season is, I would probably tell you spring with all of the new growth coming up and the anticipation of the warm summer days. It seems easy to welcome the change of spring with the melting snow.

Fall is a different story though than spring. Fall proceeds the cold, it proceeds the cloudy days to come. Fall is the death of summer and everything green. Soon comes slush and icy roads, and gray salt and sand. I often think of these things and forget its beauty, its vibrancy, and the story if has to tell.

I thought of the way God changes my heart. The place of beauty before the dark and lonesome winter to come. I thought of that moment when you feel the peace of knowing what Christ is calling you to. There is such joy and vibrancy in that moment of finally knowing which way to go, even though you know that the road will be hard before you. I think of the joy of the Israelites leaving Egypt and crossing the Red Sea. What must they have felt on the verge of the season in the desert?

I thought of the trees letting go of their leaves to move forward for winter and then new growth in spring. Fall the season of letting go to move forward to transform. I also love this song lately surrounding fall by The Blackthorn Project. Come Home To Me (Song For Laurie) | The Blackthorn Project

"Let the trees of the forest rustle with praise, for the Lord is coming to judge the earth."
1 Chronicles 16:35

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  1. I love it! That is a gorgeous picture! I am the same way - I never remember how much I LOVE fall until it's here! I really like the connections you made about it! God is teaching you so much - that is so awesome! And thank you for sharing it!! :) <3