Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another Little Step

 This is the finished Vulnerable © 2012
Wow it has been a bit of a doozey of a week! Things have been crazy at school with auditions for ensemble placements. But it is over now so I feel like I have some time to breath and share with you.

I finished this work early in the week Sunday night or Monday, I can't quiet remember. I am still working on taking photos of my art. So I know this isn't the best photo. It is hard to see the blues, pinks, silver, and gold paint in the wing. I will get there though, I promise. Just one step at a time.

I was inspired by Flying Lessons ecourse to do this work. the community of women is so encouraging and inspiring! I started out by making a promise to myself that I would be faithful to paint a little bit every week. As I spent time painting last week I really did feel a marked change. I just seemed to have more joy and energy to do my everyday tasks.  The main inspiration though is how in my art I feel like my heart is exposed. I need to release my emotions and thoughts in a tangible way even if I don't have the words in the moment. Starting this blog and sharing the meanings behind my art and my poetry is quiet a vulnerable place for me to be. I am putting my heart out and open to the world. I often don't share them with really anyone so this blog is such a massive step out into the open!

So here goes! This painting is me opening my wings to fly. Revealing the inside of my wing and sharing what feels uncomfortable so I can rise to new heights. I am dyslexic as well so writing publicly has always been a scary thing. I am thankful for the compassion here though as I start this journey. Thanks for joining me!

"Because the Sovereign Lord helps me, 
I will not be disgraced.
Therefore, I have set my face like a stone,
determined to do his will.
And I know that I will not be put to shame."
Isaiah 50:7

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  1. Carli!! Your words and painting and inspiration behind it are soooo beautiful and God-spoken! Thank you sooo much for sharing! I'm so glad your commitment to painting each week is allowing you to open up and express who you are and have the energy to do all the things you have to during the week. You are such a joy and inspiration to me! I love you, sister friend!!!