Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bird sitings!

I have been going on a lot of walks this spring on the wooded paths by my home. I will say that this year I have seen more birds than ever on my walks and have enjoyed the blessing of the presence ever so much!

I am starting to older if they are my "whale" or "starfish" like in the book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldridge. When I accepted my first teaching position just a few weeks ago, the minute I got off the phone with the principal I saw a hummingbird and a Baltimore oriole in our backyard at the same time! Previously I had not seen a hummingbird yet this season, and I have only once seen a Baltimore oriole at Grey's Lake in downtown Des Moines. 

Yesterday as I was working on a new painting I was thinking about how many birds I have seen this year and what a blessing it has been. Jesus letting me know He loves and cares for me. I was thinking how now I have seen all of the birds I have painted in several times except for an Indigo Bunting, and was wondering if I would ever see one, as they are not common I my area. 

I just couldn't help but sharing that this morning I saw my first Indigo Bunting as my mom and I were walking! I am so excited! She pointed out the little bluebird thinking maybe it was another Eastern bluebird that we had seen earlier in the month, but no there was the little deep bluebird, changing color as the sun hit his feathers from blue to black and back to brilliant blue! What a beautiful sight!

The morning for me was quite perfect sharing a long talk with my best friend to wake me up. Sharing our hearts, what Jesus is teaching us, and lifting each other up in prayer, couldn't be more refreshing and encouraging! The a nice shower and a beautiful walk with my mother sharing in fellowship, and a little gift of the Indigo Bunting siting!

I would love to hear about your "whales", "starfish", and Indigo Buntings God places in your life to remind you he loves you!

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  1. AWWW right back at ya!!! I LOVED Saturday morning - talking to you was the BEST! :) And yes, I remember that reference from Captivating! Mine is sunsets, or beautiful sun coming through the clouds, especially over a lake. Also beautiful lyrics to songs. Thanks, girly!!! LOVE U! - Stephanie